"At Renew we offer a comprehensive evaluation where we take into consideration a patient's genetic predisposition, lifestyle and dietary needs to customize a patient specific treatment plan tailored to the whole body, rather then just a set of symptoms."

"There are quick and easy ways to boost your strength and health. It’s called IV therapy. This form of treatment has proven to be the most effective ways of putting vital nutrients back into your body and get the most out of them."

"When I first heard about this place on King Street, a bona fide medi-spa, I was wary. Needles? No. And also, who's sticking fluids in my arm? Most importantly, how is this any different from drinking a ton of water? I visited Renew to see what executive directors Frank Wells and Matt Erickson had to offer."

"Feeling a little under-the-weather, jet-lagged, or just plain de-hydrated? Don't worry, there is a solution! Today we're introducing Renew IV Spa And Urgent Care Clinic. It's the only clinic of it's kind in Charleston and just 40 minutes on the IV can have you feeling hydrated, healthy, and energized once again!"

"An IV bag hangs on a coat rack nailed to the wall. It drips fluid down a thin, clear tube and into the patient’s arm. But the patient isn’t in a hospital bed. They’re sitting on a plush, brown leather recliner, feet up, watching TV."

"This was awesome! You have the option of going into your own private room or into the group room, both of which had extraordinarily comfortable recliners and Netflix to enjoy while lounging. The nurse came in and placed my IV and got things rolling with no problem—she was such a pro. "


"Charleston IV clinic changes the face of healthcare."